Sunday, June 16, 2013

She grew up in an Indiana town...

I recently bought another camera for my upcoming trip to NYC and these pics were shot with it.  I bought the camera for its small size because I didn't want to lug my big Canon all over the city on my trip and for its fast shutter speed, the ability to take 10 pics a second. The camera is super small, has 16.2 mega pixels, 8x optical zoom and has wifi so you can transfer pics directly from the camera to your phone or computer.  I pretty much love my new camera and as you can see it takes lovely photos. (Thanks Cori for shooting them for me)  Anyways on to my newest look...

I found this dress online about 2 months ago. I was searching for a black and white vertical stripe dress and after looking through some different choices I decided on this one. When the dress arrived it had a hole in the side seam and I STILL haven't gotten around to sewing it up, the reason I haven't wore it out yet.This is a color block dress cut in the current popular hi-low dress trend. I love this dress because it's cute and comfortable, I just need to stop being lazy and sew up the hole in the side. 

 Anyways when I see black and white vertical striped clothing I've pretty much always thought of Steven Tyler. In the 70s & 80s he rocked these amazing black & white striped jumpsuits, and after that various different pair of flared black & white stripe pants.

  As you can see, Steven always looks amazing in them and I've just always loved the look. I don't have the height or small enough legs to rock striped pants of the sort, so I opted for my usual, a dress.

With the dress I'm wearing my new black suede wedges, shoes that give me some serious height. I am not sure on the exact height but they are at least 5.5 inches tall if not 6 inches. 

Once again I'm rocking my pink & white extension clips and a fun silver patterned head wrap from Urban Outfitters.

 (Mine is in silver)

To finish the outfit I simply added my mini harmonica necklace, some bracelets, my Aerosmith ring and skull ring that is similar to Steven Tyler's skull ring.

Here are some additional shots of my look:


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